Domestic, European, Asian, Light Duty Trucks, & Light Duty Diesel Trucks.

We install Jasper Engines, transmissions, differentials, and transfer case.

We always use NAPA Gold series oil filters and PURATECH SYN-blend semi-synthetic engine oil on our oil changes. 

NAPA Gold series oil filters are a top of the line oil filter produced by WIX.  PURATECH SYN-blend is a premium grade semi-synthetic engine oil. It has the pricing of a premium conventional oil with some of the benefits of synthetic.

We use Shell Rotella T-Triple Protection 15w-40 on our light duty diesel truck oil change. We use Motorcraft oil filters on 6.0 and 6.4 powerstroke. We use NAPA Gold series oil filters on all others.

Our oil changes always include the following:

  • Replacement of oil and filterChecking tire air pressure
  • Checking air filter condition
  • Checking engine coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid levels
  • General safety inspection of the underside of the vehicle. This covers any obvious issues that may be a safety concern.
  • You can drop off or you're welcome to wait for your vechicle